Kevin Hart Calls Out LaVar Ball On His Basketball ‘Exploits’ In Out-Of-Control New Interview

kevin hart lavar ball ice tubs

YouTube - LOL Network

For some reason, Kevin Hart decided to do an interview with LaVar Ball while they sat in ice tubs. Of course, it was absolutely funny AF, especially when Hart decided to call the “Big Baller” out on his many tales of basketball greatness.

Hart, who was sober for this video, was in his usual rare form when just talking smack without a script.

I’m still not clear on why they did this while sitting in ice tubs, other than so Hart could call this new series on his LOL Network “Cold As Balls” and I just answered by own question, didn’t I?

Here’s how it begins (transcript via For The Win)…

Hart: “Did you play all four years in high school?”

Ball: “I played all fo … well see high school only went from 10th grade. You don’t get four years.”

Hart: “That was the perfect answer! Did you play all four years in high school? ‘Well I … (Mumbles).’”

Ball: “You only get three years in high school for us.”

Hart: “What position did you play?”

Ball: “Any position. You know a point guard told me: ‘Lavar, I’m the one to get you the ball.’ And you know what I told him? ‘I’m the one who gets the [expletive] rebound to get to you to give it to me.’”

Hart also tried to bait Ball into saying which one of his three sons is his least favorite. And I think he got him. Kevin did too because this was his reaction…

kevin hart lavar ball ice tubs lol

YouTube - LOL Network

Hart also called out LaVar on his bragging about being able to dunk.

“There’s no tape you dunking a basketball? Nobody’s got a VHS?” Hart ranted. “They don’t even got you smacking the backboard. Nobody’s got you tapping the backboard, nobody’s got you on the fast break. Where is the footage?”

“No footage is needed!” Ball exclaimed.

“You’re a liar!” Hart responded.

They finished things up by having a shooting contest, which Hart was leading 2 to 1 when LaVar decided to go Darryl Dawkins on his rim, climbed out, and started making it rain.

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These two really need to do a show together every week.