You Won’t Believe What Cavs Fans Did To Try And Get Kevin Love To Sit Out Game 6 Of NBA Finals

Kevin Love is not having a good NBA Finals. Does this sound like a recurring theme to everyone here? It should, because nothing’s yet changed since his 2-point, 3-rebound “performance” in the Cleveland Cavs’ Game 5 victory over the Golden State Warriors to extend the series.

And while some people just poke fun at Love’s shittiness or suggest outrageously fake trade scenarios, a Cavs fan by the name of Giles Debenham is taking it a giant step further—by creating a GoFundMe to try and get Love to sit out Game 6 in Cleveland tomorrow night.

Here’s the simple description, per GoFundMe:

Kevin Love is playing like a bum and just taking up room on the court. Pay this man to take a seat and let the Cavs win these finals!!

Hoping to raise a whopping $10 million, a grand total of ZERO has been raised thus far, meaning many Cavs fans don’t seem to give a shit that Love looks like he’s running around with his head cut-off—they’ve still got LeBron and Kyrie!

I, for one, don’t believe in giving up on K-Love just yet. But if he has another shitty game in a Cavs win to force a Game 7, I may just give up my next paycheck to sit the dude.

[H/T ABC 5]

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