Kevin Love Spent His Summer Watching An Obscene Amount Of Television

Remember Derek Jeter’s blog? Well, professional athletes are still writing for it because who wouldn’t want to be a blogger?

The latest is new Cleveland Cavalier Kevin Love, who is identified on the website as a Senior Editor — a lofty title.

Amid his observations and musings on an dynamic offseason that saw him become LeBron James’ teammate is a startling admission concerning how much television the sweet-shooting big man watched.

I spent most of my summer either working out or trying to escape the craziness through Netflix binge watching. I tore through more than 40 of the IMDB Top 250. That’s not even counting the TV marathons. I did every single episode of Seinfeld (holds up), Curb Your Enthusiasm (the best), Mad Men and Game of Thrones (twice). I can win any argument with you about why GOT is the best show currently on TV.

…That is a lot of television. Based on this alarming development, he may just have a career in this blogging game.

Blogfather Jimmy Traina ran the numbers and reports Love consumed a solid 11-plus days of television entertainment alone on the shows he listed.

It’s a good thing he mentioned the working out part. Without that aspect, this would be a desperate plea for help.

Anyway, excellent work by Jeter to score this piece. TPT’s October ComScore is going to be off the charts.

[H/T: The Players Tribune]