‘KEY & PEELE’ Mocks ‘SportsCenter’ With New ‘TeachingCenter’ Skit



The news about TV show Key & Peele beginning their last season together was a definite buzzkill, ending five seasons worth of hilarious sketches and absolute comedy gold, but that doesn’t mean we all still can’t appreciate what these two comedians are doing before then.

With both guys being such big-time sports fans—which they’ve proved time and time again with a variety of athletic-themed skits—anytime they tackle the sports world, it usually ends up being fucking hilarious.

Well, chalk up one of their newest sketches as another grand slam, as they mock the popular ESPN show SportsCenter by following the same format, but for teachers, reporting on the daily scholastic news on TeachingCenter.

Imagining a show that puts teachers in the same category as popular athletes, the entire show makes reference to how ESPN anchors often overanalyze the smallest of stories, turning them into an hour-long rant fest that’s filled with guys like Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless.

With a not-so-subtle reference to LeBron James’ famous 2010 show, The Decision, and reported multi-million dollar deals for educators, this thing is a spot-on spoof of SportsCenter—so I give it an A-plus.

[H/T SportsGrid]

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