Kid Catches Vicious Stiff Arm From Mascot During Halftime Of Packers-Falcons Game

The Atlanta Falcons mascot comes onto the field alongside cheerleaders.

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A youngster caught a vicious stiff arm during a mascot vs. kids halftime competition on Sunday. The brutal denial is now going viral on social media.

During the halftime break of the Packers and Falcons game, the folks of Mercedes-Benz Stadium put on some light-hearted entertainment for the crowd. The scene went from carefree to cutthroat in a heartbeat.

Mascots lined up against youth football players, giving an awesome opportunity for the kids to have the spotlight shine on them. We’ve seen similar competitions in the past throughout the NFL, but this instance was forgetful for one particular participant.

After the Green Bay cheese mascot received a pitch from the quarterback, the block of dairy scampered towards the sideline. It wasn’t letting anything get in its way of paydirt.

On a mission, the mascot threw a vicious stiff arm into one kid’s facemask, tossing the youngster to the ground. The block of cheese then unloaded another jab on its way down the field.

Viewers were quick to comment on social media.

“Derrick Henry-esque,” one fan wrote.

“That block of cheese was running angry,” said another follower.

We’ve seen similar instances in the past of mascots just annihilating Pop Warner players. A few years back, the Cincinnati Bearcats mascot went viral for a pain inducing stiff arm of its own.

Infamous Atlanta Braves mascot, Blooper, displayed its ruthlessness during a halftime show last season in this same venue.

In that case, though, at least it was in front of the home crowd. The Green Bay cheese decided to mow down children in enemy territory.

No mercy!

Jacob Elsey
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