Little Kid Nearly Got Sent To The Morgue After Yelling “Go Patriots” In Steve Smith Sr.’s Face

Baltimore Ravens v Arizona Cardinals


If you ever need a dose of brutal honesty, talk to a kid. They don’t understand the value of a little white lie. Even when they’re asked a question that they don’t feel comfortable answering, they just say “I don’t want to answer” and run off. However, just because a kid doesn’t know how to lie doesn’t mean that they seek out opportunities to face down danger alone. Those kids are still special and hard to come by. Like this kid.

There’s balls, and then there’s whatever this kid’s got growing between his legs. I wouldn’t be shocked if this elementary school kid ends up saving the world one day. You can’t learn bravery like that, you just inherently have it buried deep inside of your soul. Trust me, when the aliens come, we’re going to want to know where this kid is. He looked death straight in the face and laughed. Did you see Steve Smith Sr.’s reaction. He was about 9 seconds away from reenacting the Mountain vs. the Viper. And what did the kid do? He went off and played fucking football, because he looked death in the face and was not impressed.

Apparently, Smith Sr. had respect for the kid, giving him a shoutout on Twitter and saying that they’d buried the hatchet.

The Colts also weighed in to make Smith Sr. feel better about himself and also, probably, to make sure that he didn’t kill this kid before he’s old enough to prevent the end of the world.

[h/t NESN]

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