Kirk Cousins In An Old School Starter Jacket And UGGs Is Basically A Playoff Victory

Kirk Cousins met with the media today and took an exceedingly casual, comfortable approach. After all, it’s finally getting a little chilly out there. But who would have expected an old school Redskins Starter jacket, sweatpants, and UGG slippers? Believers in the great Kirk Cousins, that’s who.

This is the sign of a man who has won the NFC East, will start a playoff game at home, coined a signature expression for the ages that he’s making money off of, and solidified his place as the unquestioned leader of the Redskins.

Right then and there is when you decide to wear whatever the hell you want.

Even if you publicly claim that you don’t LIKE that, you definitely LIKE that.

[H/T NGNG, @MasterTes]

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