It Seems Like Kliff Kingsbury’s Agent Is Working To Get His Client A Raise Through An Adam Schefter Report

Kliff Kingsbury Arizona Cardinals Oklahoma Sooners Adam Schefter Report

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  • Immediately after Lincoln Riley was confirmed to USC, Adam Schefter fired off a report about Kliff Kingsbury.
  • The report was in regard to the Oklahoma opening and likely planted by Kingsbury’s agent.
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Agents of football coaches are so good at their jobs. The most recent example is with Kliff Kingsbury.

On Sunday afternoon, the University of Southern California Trojans reportedly hired Lincoln Riley to be its next head football coach. Not even two hours later, a report began to circle about the Oklahoma job.

ESPN’s NFL insider Adam Schefter immediately fired off a bombshell. The Sooners are apparently trying to hire Kingsbury as its next head coach.

Kingsbury, who played at Texas Tech and coached at Houston, Texas A&M and his alma mater before being hired by the Cardinals, is definitely a target. Of course he is! The same way that Matt LeFleur is a target.

Why would Oklahoma not want to hire Kingsbury? He is a young offensive mind that has a rapport with quarterbacks.

But why would Kingsbury want Oklahoma? Well, he probably doesn’t. To go from the head coach of an NFL franchise that is currently atop the NFC West back to recruiting and all the hassle that comes with the collegiate level makes no sense.

Zero, zilch, nada.

This seems like the work of Erik Burkhardt, Kingsbury’s agent.

Here’s what probably what has happened and is going to happen:

  • USC hires Lincoln Riley.
  • Burkhardt realizes Oklahoma has coaching opening and that Kingsbury’s contract expires next year.
  • Burkhardt texts Schefter asking him to “break” the “news” that the Sooners are targeting Kingsbury.
  • Schefter sees “exclusive report” and clicks.
  • Schefter tweets the “news,” and is technically not lying.
  • Burkhardt leverages Schefter’s Oklahoma “report” for Kingsbury.
  • Arizona gives Kingsbury large extension.

I would be willing to bet the mortgage that this exact scenario unfolds. Burkhardt is working hard for his client, and in turn, himself.