Knicks Fans Lose Hope For Game 1 Vs. Heat After Latest Julius Randle Update

Knicks star Julius Randle

Getty Image / Kirk Irwin

The New York Knicks are set to take on the Miami Heat for Game 1 of the second round of the NBA Playoffs.

It should be a fun matchup, as both teams were red-hot in the first round.

However, things might be a little difficult for the Knicks to start this series, as the franchise received troubling news about Julius Randle.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, Randle is officially ruled out for Game 1 against the Heat.

The ankle sprain is seemingly serious enough for Julius Randle to off an important playoff game for the Knicks.

Especially considering how well Jimmy Butler played recently. This might be exactly what Miami needs to steal Game 1.

As you can imagine, Knicks fans aren’t taking this news too well.

Some fans are choosing to be optimistic at least.

Game 1 might be rough for New York.

Jimmy Butler is coming for the Knicks like Freddy Krueger.

Obi Toppin will likely step in as the starter, which isn’t a terrible scenario. Even so, not having Julius Randle could prove to be detrimental for the Knicks in Game 1.

Hopefully, he can recover and help New York in Game 2. If not, things could really become dicey for this team’s playoff hopes.