Kobe Bryant Doesn’t Want To Hear LeBron James Make Excuses About Competing Against Superteams


After game 3 of the NBA Finals, LeBron James admitted the Golden States Warriors were more “stacked” than the Cavs. At that time it felt like LeBron didn’t believe his team had a chance of competing with the Warriors.

Obviously, from a talent perspective, if you’re looking at Golden State from their top five best players to our top five players, you would say they’re stacked better than us. Let’s just speak truth,

In an interview with Bleacher Report’s Howard Beck, Kobe Bryant told a story about Michael Jordan didn’t want to hear it when Bryant complained about playing against the Celtics’ superteam in the late 2000’s.

Via Bleacher Report

You got all the tools. You gotta figure out how to get these guys to that next level to win that championship.’ Going into the 2010 series, I said, ‘Listen, Boston, they got Ray Allen, they got Paul Pierce, they got [Kevin] Garnett, they got Sheed [Wallace], the talent is there. They’re stacked.’ That was the first superteam. [Michael] kind of heard me lament about it, and he just goes, ‘Yeah, well, it is what it is; you gotta figure it out. There’s no other alternative.’ And that’s the challenge LeBron has. You have pieces that you have to try to figure out how to work with. Excuses don’t work right now. …

If I’m Bron, you got to figure out a way to win. It’s not about narrative. You want to win championships, you just gotta figure it out.

One fan fired back at Kobe and tried to make the argument that Bryant wouldn’t have won a championship in the Warriors’ superteam era but the five-time NBA champion wasn’t having it.

Kobe obviously doesn’t want to be left out of the GOAT discussion.