Kyle Kuzma Channeled His Inner Dave Chappelle To Brutally Roast Lonzo Ball

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Bleacher Report

If you’ve ever had to avoid a horribly-aimed punched from a drunk guy who took a joke a bit too seriously, then you know that its best to stick to insulting people you actually like. You don’t just run the risk of unnecessary bodily harm, but I’d argue that you’re not truly friends with someone if they aren’t comfortable with you playfully calling them on your shit.

I don’t think anything has been able to capture the essence of shit talking better than Chappelle’s Show, which introduced the world to the star-studded gala known as The Player Hater’s Ball— an event where men in three piece-suit sporting sequinned furs and hats a few sizes too small sling insults at each other like a llama at a petting zoo spitting at tourists. It’s been fifteen years since Silky Johnson, Buc Nasty, and the rest of the nominees provided us with a look into the world of hating, but it’s left a lasting impact since giving us a glimpse inside.

The best roasts tend to come from the people who know you best, and based on a video Kyle Kuzma did with Bleacher Report, he either knows Lonzo Bell pretty well or really, really hates him. The Lakers power forward recently sat down on a golden throne and donned his finest fedora to lob a barrage of insults his teammate’s way, and while the internet has essentially murdered hyperbole, I think it’s safe to say the only person who’s been bodied harder in the past 24 hours is Drake.

Jesus, Kyle. Not only does that man have a family, he has a family member who just recently learned he isn’t good enough to play on one of the most mediocre teams in the NBA. It has not been a great day for Big Ballers.

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