Kyle Shanahan Gives A Depressingly Dark Answer When Asked About Jimmy Garoppolo’s Future With 49ers

kyle shanahan jimmy garoppolo future with 49ers

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The San Francisco 49ers are poised to draft a quarterback with the third-overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. Alabama’s Mac Jones appears to be their guy at the moment, but they could still surprise the rest of the league and call Justin Fields or Trey Lance’s name with that pick as well, nevertheless, the writing appears to be on the wall that Jimmy Garoppolo’s time in San Francisco is coming to a close.

The 49ers aren’t going to keep Garoppolo on the roster to be a backup with his current contract that carries a cap hit of over $26 million over the next two seasons, so, it would make sense to see San Francisco try and trade him sooner rather than later.

49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan was asked whether or not Garoppolo would still be on the roster this Sunday following the conclusion of the draft and instead of giving an easy ‘I don’t know’ or ‘we’ll see’ answer, he elected to get dark with it.

“I can’t guarantee that anybody in the world will be alive Sunday so I can’t guarantee who will be on our roster on Sunday,” Shanahan said.

Thanks for that, coach, thanks for reminding us that death is a part of life and there’s no telling where we’ll be come Sunday.

I mean, he’s not lying, he’s being accurate with his statement, but that doesn’t mean it’s needed.

The entire NFL is on the edge of its seat to see what San Francisco does with the third-overall pick, what the 49ers elect to do could drastically swing other teams within the Top 10 looking to draft a quarterback as well. It certainly feels like an ideal scenario for San Fran would be to draft its top QB prospect at No. 3 and trade Garoppolo at some point during the draft as well.