Patriots’ Kyle Van Noy Interrupts Sean McVay’s Press Conference To Offer Him A Sign Of Respect

by 2 years ago

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Sean McVay was presented with a near impossible task: To out-perform the greatest coach/QB duo of all-time in his first rodeo with an inexperienced quarterback. The 33-year-old did what so many others failed to do in disallowing Tom Brady to find his rhythm the entire game. Unfortunately, you need to score more than three points and hand the ball off to a guy who rushed for 1,200+ yards and 17 touchdowns in 14 games this season to win a Super Bowl.

McVay knows that and he did not pad his take on the game in the post-game presser, even if he did incriminate himself for failing to perform at his best. Patriots linebacker Kyle Van Noy interrupted the press conference to offer the young coach a sign of respect.

“Congratulations to the Patriots. They did a great job. You know, coach Belichick did an outstanding job. There really is no other way to put it – I’m pretty numb right now. But definitely, I got outcoached. I didn’t do nearly enough for our football team.”

Pretty awesome stuff to hear a guy shoulder all the blame when there was so much of it to go around. McVay’s humble approach to the game is what makes so many players around the league respect what he’s done. How often do you see a player crash an interview to shake hands with the opposing coach?

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