Kyrie Irving Catching Heat For Sharing A Video Of Alex Jones That Says The Conspiracy Theorist ‘Tried To Warn Us’

Kyrie Irving Catching Heat For Sharing A Video Of Alex Jones

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Kyrie Irving has resurfaced to make a fool out of himself once again, this time by sharing a video of Alex Jones, who has spent his summer in courtrooms with Sandy Hook parents who sued him for defamation over his coverage of the tragic shooting.

Irving, who shared the video on his Instagram, most recently popped up on Twitter last week to proclaim that “Ancestral Realm Energy is getting stronger and stronger.”

In the video, a much-younger Jones is talking about “New World Order tyranny” conspiracy theories and the video is captioned “Never forget – Alex Jones tried to warn us.”

NBA fans crush Kyrie Irving for sharing a video that promotes InfoWars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones

Given the toxicity of Jones, Irving has swiftly been crushed on social media for using his platform to promote the disgraced conspiracy theorist:

As a result of his Sandy Hook lawsuits, Jones has been ordered by a job to pay out millions upon millions of dollars in damages (($49.3 million in total, according to PBS), which led to the parent company of InfoWars, Free Speech Systems, LLC, filing for bankruptcy back in July.

Given what Kyrie has been up to this summer — trying to force a trade out of New York, sharing Alex Jones conspiracy theories, etc. — it’s sure looking like it’s going to be another stressful, chaotic season for Brooklyn Nets fans.

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