NBA Fans React To Kyrie Irving Chirping An ‘Ungrateful’ Cavs Fans Who Heckled Him

Fans React To Kyrie Irving Chirping Cavs Fans Who Heckled Him

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  • Kyrie Irving clapped back at a Cavaliers fan who chirped him during a game
  • The Nets guard called the heckler “ungrateful” for ignoring his contributions during the season Cleveland won its first and only championship
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After missing most of the first half of this year’s NBA season to presumably conduct some of his own research, Kyrie Irving opted to make his grand return to the Brooklyn Nets earlier this month.

On Monday, the guard had a somewhat contentious exchange with a reporter following a loss to the Cavaliers, but it turns out that wasn’t the only back-and-forth he had after returning to his old stomping grounds in Cleveland.

Irving was selected by the Cavs with the first overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft and remained their franchise player until LeBron James return to the team prior to the 2014 campaign. Two years later, he played a major role in helping secure the first title in the history of the franchise (one that also brought the city of Cleveland its first pro championship in 52 years), but would ultimately request a trade in 2017 after getting tired of playing second fiddle to James.

During Monday’s game, a Cavaliers fan alluded to Irving’s perception of being viewed as a sidekick when he heckled the guard by asking, “Kyrie, you need LeBron?” That chirp earned one of its own, as Irving responded by saying, “Got y’all a championship and motherf—kers still ungrateful.”

Plenty of fans subsequently chimed in to share their thoughts on the validity of the claim, with some saying LeBron deserves the bulk of the credit for the championship in question and others expressing their support for Irving.

Regardless of which side you fall on, I think we can all agree that the guy who said “It’s just one” was the real loser here.

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