Kyrie Irving Fires Back At Stephen A Smith After Making A Decision On His Future With The Nets


Getty Image / Maddie Meyer

  • Stephen A Smith has had a lot to say about Kyrie Irving lately
  • Now it seems Kyrie is fed up with his comments
  • Today Kyrie fired back at Stephen A after making a decision on his future with the Nets

Over the course of this past NBA season, Stephen A Smith has taken every opportunity possible to criticize Kyrie Irving. Whether it was his absence throughout the regular season, the Nets’ struggles during the playoffs, or his contract negotiations, Stephen A has had plenty to say.

He even posted a video to Twitter this morning reacting to the news that Kyrie had decided to exercise his player option to stay with the Nets.

Now it seems Kyrie has gotten fed up with hearing from the ESPN analyst. Today he posted a tweet firing back at Stephen A.

Kyrie’s current situation is sure to give Stephen A plenty of firepower ahead of the next NBA season. Kyrie didn’t get the contract he wanted and seemingly didn’t have any other teams convinced they should try to acquire him in a sign-and-trade.

Now he’s playing on the last year of his contract and will need to prove to either the Nets or some other team that he is worth whatever kind of contract demands he had entering this offseason.

Maybe this feud with Stephen A will be the extra motivation Kyrie needs to prove to the league that he is worth a long-term max deal without any extra conditions in it.