Kyrie Irving Reportedly Wants To Leave Cleveland Because He’s Tired Of LeBron James Treating Him Like A Child

We may be closer to understanding why Kyrie Irving has chosen to demand a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers. According to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, several sources close to Kyrie have told him that the superstar guard is tired of being treated like a little brother by LeBron James.

Via ESPN’s The Undefeated

“Kyrie isn’t saying he’s better than LeBron and should be seen that way,” a close confidant of Irving’s told me. “He’s saying he’s not about to let LeBron ‘SON’ him … treating him like he’s the child and LeBron’s the father or big brother he’s supposed to look up to.

“Kyrie knows he’s a franchise-caliber talent. He wants to be treated like it. And he’s tired of hearing about what LeBron needs, and he’s damn sure tired of hearing LeBron sound like he always needs more. As if the crew they have isn’t enough.”

There has been plenty of evidence of Kyrie being fed up with LeBron trying to be a father figure to him. Just watch how Kyrie reacts when a reporter asked him last season how he felt about LeBron James’ “parental role” on the team.

And here’s Kyrie reacting to LeBron being asked if he was going to scold Irving for not getting any assists.

Throughout the years we’ve seen LeBron belittle his teammates and it was only a matter of time until they fired back.

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