Kyrie Irving Not-So-Subtly Trolls LeBron James, Fueling Their Beef, With A Song On Snapchat

kyrie irving trolls lebron james snapchat video

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All sorts of wacky reports have been being bandied about the past several days regarding the alleged bitterness between Cleveland Cavaliers stars Kyrie Irving and LeBron James and now today we can add one more to the mix.

We’ve had Stephen A. Smith saying James wants to kick Irving’s ass. Which LeBron disputed. Which led to Smith saying he might go “nuclear” on LeBron.

And we’ve even seen the lowest of the low: Kyrie Irving reportedly unfollowed LeBron James on Instagram. Gasp!

Now I wonder if James follows Irving on Snapchat, because on Tuesday, Irving decided to go the passive-aggressive route on social media (wonder who he learned that from?) with a song on Snapchat that appears to be low-key trolling LeBron James.

Irving has been over in China working for Nike, so he is legit coming home.

However, his choice of song leads, well, everyone to believe that it was no coincidence. Mostly because that was the same song Skylar Grey performed at a welcome back party for LeBron when he returned to Cleveland.

No wonder James was so excited when he found out Derrick Rose was coming to Cleveland to spend some time on their disabled list.

Oh what fun it is when the rich and the famous get into beefs on social media.

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