Unnamed LA Lakers Player Featured On ‘To Catch A Cheater’ Show Cheating On Girlfriend By Flirting With Another Woman

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It appears that a young LA Lakers player has been busted trying to cheat on his girlfriend on camera.

Last week, the show “To Catch A Cheater” featured a recently signed Lakers player, whose identity was protected, trying to cheat on his girlfriend of six years by flirting with another woman on camera.

Via Daily Mail

A recently drafted Los Angeles Lakers basketball player was caught flirting with a woman in a wheelchair by his devastated girlfriend of more than six years.

The flirting was caught on camera and then shown to the world, and the man’s furious partner, in an episode of To Catch A Cheater released last week, in which the player was approached by a woman while sitting outside at what appears to be a coffee shop or restaurant.

During the video, the girlfriend watches as her boyfriend — whose identity remains unidentified — first appear reluctant towards the woman before later asking her to go on a date with him.

Apparently the players’ girlfriend said he started acting funny once he was signed to the team.

‘I was there for him through thick and thin, and he was no one when I met him. Now that he got drafted, the least he can do is be there for me.

Her boyfriend was recently drafted to the LA Lakers, which made her decide to check if he would cheat on her or not.

‘You look so like (Lebron James), though,’ the woman said after the basketball player admitted to not being Lebron.

‘I love him but you’re cuter. You’re the hot version.’

To the surprise of the girlfriend, the NBA player then made plans with the woman to meet up for dinner the following Tuesday.

After the woman asked about a specific picture on his Instagram account, the boyfriend lied and called the female in the picture his cousin instead of admitting it was his girlfriend

Of course NBA fans are currently playing Internet detective trying to figure out which young Lakers player was featured on the show.

It doesn’t seem like the player is anyone who is going to make a big impact on the Lakers next season but it’s still hilarious that this video came out right before training camp.

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