The LA Rams Are Already Trying To Block Niners Fans From Buying Tickets And Taking Over SoFi Stadium For NFC Championship Game


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The Rams really don’t want Niners fans to take over SoFi Stadium for next week’s NFC championship game.

A few weeks ago, Niners fans came out in droves and caused problems for QB Matt Stafford.


“It did catch us off guard,” McVay said, via ESPN. “Just because of the way that it’s been this year. It’s been great, great atmosphere, great environment. Yesterday was the same thing, but there was a lot of red there. That was definitely a surprise.”

Stafford said the Rams had a hard time getting plays called with the 49ers’ crowd noise advantage. “It was a tough environment for us to communicate in really the whole second half,” said Stafford.

The Dallas Cowboys know all too well how 49ers fans can take over a stadium and now they will have to worry about the same thing when the teams square off against each other in the Wild Card round.

The Rams will be hosting the Niners again at SoFi stadium for the NFC championship game, but the home team is implementing a stringent ticket policy to prevent fans who reside outside the city of LA from attending the game.

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