Professional Lacrosse Player Who Scored Two Goals While Playing With Double Pink Eye Is Your Inspiring Sports Story Of The Day

by 2 years ago

Sports heroics come in all different shapes and sizes. Remember when John Brooks scored a clutch header goal to help the USMNT beat Ghana? That was dope. So was Jordan’s 1997 flu game. Or any other sports moment that warrants the “playing through adversity” description from talking heads at ESPN and elsewhere.

Mark Matthews, professional NLL lacrosse player for the Saskatchewan Rush, now knows a thing or two about “playing through adversity.”  The NLL calls him “one of the best lacrosse players in the world,” and, statistically, he’s filthy. He proved that on Saturday night, playing through double pink eye, putting up two goals and seven assists for nine points.

The NLL had some fun interviewing him and his teammates afterwards. Really hope no one shook his hand after the game or even threw him daps — The fear of him spreading his pink eye is very, very real.

Also, wash your hands after making your toilet, homie. Or stop having your friends fart on your pillows during your Mexican vacations. Pink eye is so gross.

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