Lakers May Have To Delay Anthony Davis Trade In Order To Wait For Kawhi Leonard Decision

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We are nearly a week into free agency and there’s still no word on what team Kawhi Leonard is going to play for next season.

According to ESPN’s Bobby Marks, the Lakers three-way trade with New Orleans and Washington Wizards may have to get a delayed so the team can have cap space to sign Kawhi.


League sources told ESPN’s Bobby Marks that the Pelicans, Hawks and Wizards are expected to cooperate with the Lakers if Leonard is still undecided by noon Saturday. The date was agreed upon initially in the Lakers and Pelicans’ deal sending Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart and three first-round picks for Davis. The deal was based on the Lakers using the $32 million in cap space created on a max free agent, such as Leonard or on other players available.

If the Pelicans, Hawks and Wizards do not agree to delay the date to make the trade official past Saturday should Leonard remain undecided, the Lakers’ cap space would shrink to $30 million and Los Angeles would be able to offer Leonard only a four-year deal worth $127 million compared to the four-year, $138 million contract they can offer with $32 million available in cap space.

Not only would the Lakers be impacted by Kawhi’s indecision but so would several teams around the league.

Hopefully Kawhi makes a decison soon because fans and teams are already getting antsy.