Lakers Owner Jeanie Buss Likes Tweet Saying Magic Johnson Should Have Fired Rob Pelinka

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The LA Lakers are an absolute clown show right now.

Yesterday afternoon, ESPN’s Baxter Holmes penned an absolutely scathing piece detailing the dysfunction in the Lakers Pelinka-Johnson front office that led to a disappointing season and how the team has become the laughing stock of the league.

Following the Holmes report, Magic Johnson went on ESPN defend himself by saying that we wished he had let go of Pelinka and Walton and brought his own people from the beginning.

“I would have hired my own people from the beginning. The one thing I didn’t get to do was hire everybody that I wanted. Rob and I got put together. I inherited Luke Walton. So I didn’t get to hire my own people. Then you can judge me. You can judge me by trades I made. You can judge me by ‘I didn’t have enough shooters.’

“Did I do some things wrong? Of course. And I admitted those things. I’m not a guy whose going to run from the truth. I’m gonna tell you the truth, and you can talk bad about me if I did something wrong. I don’t mind that. Whether it’s on ESPN, or other shows, say that Magic made mistakes. Because I learn from my mistakes.”

Lakers owner Jeanie Buss went on to like an article on Twitter that made reference to Magic’s comments about firing Pelinka.

Buss went on to “unlike’ the tweet but the damage was already done.