NBA Fans Accuse The Lakers Of Tampering After Report Claims LeBron James, Anthony Davis, And Russell Westbrook Met Before Trade

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The Lakers new big three of LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook reportedly met weeks before the team’s big trade and NBA fans aren’t too happy about it.

On Thursday the Lakers made a blockbuster trade to bring in Westbrook from the Washington Wizards.

According to the LA Times’ Broderick Turner, LeBron, AD, and Westbrook met a LeBron’s home in LA to have a conversation about they would fit together if the team traded for Westbrook.

Via LA Times

About two weeks ago, Russell Westbrook went to LeBron James’ home and together they and Anthony Davis had a conversation about the All-Star guard joining James and Davis on the Lakers.

They talked about putting their egos aside and playing as one in their quest to bring the Lakers another NBA championship. Westbrook talked about how his only intention was winning and coming back home to Los Angeles to become a champion.

James and Davis talked about the two of them changing positions if that was best for the team — James moving from small forward to power forward and Davis from power forward to center.

Westbrook let James and Davis know he doesn’t mind playing off the ball when James initiates the offense, something he did while playing alongside James Harden with the Houston Rockets.

The NBA’s anti-tampering rules are pretty strict against allowing teams, players or coaches from trying to lure players on rival teams when they are under contract which seems to be the case here. It is worth noting that back in 2018 the NBA sent out a memo warning teams about their anti-tampering rules after LeBron made comments about possibly playing alongside Davis before he was traded to the Lakers.

Fans immediately complained on the Internet that the Lakers got away with tampering in the Westbrook trade and are calling for the league to fine the team.