NFL Players: Ravens QB Lamar Jackson Deserve More Money Than Packers Aaron Rodgers

Lamar Jackson Mark Andrews

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is poised to sign his first big NFL contract now that his rookie deal is coming to an end. The team and the star player have been butting heads regarding contract negations for the past two seasons, and now NFL players are taking Lamar’s side.


Lamar has been a force on the Ravens the past five seasons, winning an MVP, All-Pro honors and Pro-Bowls. During his time as a starter for Baltimore, he went an amazing 45-16. To put it simply, the Ravens win games with Lamar, a lot of them.

Now it’s time to pay up, because Lamar is a 26-year super athlete in the most important position in sports and he deserves a contract that places him around the top of the market as a single-caller. How deserving is he? according to NFL stars Bills Von Miller and Ravens teammate Mark Andrews, more than the $50 million a year that Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers makes.

On his VonCast podcast, Von Miller said that Lamar Jackson “does more than Aaron Rodgers”. All-Pro tight end Mark Andrews added: “He deserves more, every time he steps on that field, he’s the one, he’s the guy. There’s no one like him.”

Andrews went on to say he hopes that a deal gets done between Lamar and the team.

The Packers signed Aaron Rodgers to a 3-year, $150 million extension in 2022, which means he’s making $50 million a year. NFL players believe Lamar should make more than that.