Lamar Jackson Takes Shots At NFL Community For Suggesting He’s Injury Prone

Lamar Jackson

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Earlier today, we brought you the story of Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank receiving backlash for comparing the situations of Deshaun Watson and Lamar Jackson.

In addition to trying to connect Watson and Jackson, Blank also implied that Jackson is injury prone, which is a narrative that the former MVP is pushing back against.

“Let’s get real,” Jackson tweeted. “I rather have a 100% PCL than go out there and play horrible forcing myself to put my guys in a bad situation now that’s selfish to me.”

“I don’t remember me sitting out on my guys week 1 vs jets To week 12 vs Broncos. How come all of a sudden I sit out because of money in which I could’ve got hurt at anytime within that time frame when we know the Super Bowl been on my mind since April 2018.”

Jackson’s comments about his injury history come just days after he confirmed that he asked the Baltimore Ravens for a trade earlier this month.

Despite Jackson’s interest in finding a new franchise, strangely, not many teams seem to be in the running for the dynamic signal caller, which has led to some conspiracy theories forming in NFL circles. Just earlier today, for example, it was reported that the Patriots would not be pursuing Jackson despite question marks surrounding Mac Jones.

Similarly, the New York Jets — who are bending over backward to acquire 39-year-old part-time QB/conspiracy theorist Aaron Rodgers — have also ruled out making a move for Lamar.

According to reports, franchises such as the Atlanta Falcons, Washington Commanders, Miami Dolphins, Carolina Panthers, and Las Vegas Raiders have also leaked that they don’t plan on pursuing the 26-year-old signal-caller.

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