I Love Everything About Lamar Jackson’s Mom Acting As His Agent

Lamar Jackson has an important NFL offseason as he looks for a new contract from the Baltimore Ravens, and his mom is acting as his agent

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Lamar Jackson’s got a pretty important NFL offseason, as the former NFL MVP is vying for a new contract from the Baltimore Ravens. While many pundits assume the two sides will agree on a deal at some point, until pen is put to paper, nothing is for certain.

But here’s the unique thing with Jackson: He’s not negotiating with the Ravens the usual way, which typically involves an agent going back and forth with the organization before one side budges. Instead, the Pro Bowler’s got his mom, Felicia Jones, acting as his agent — which is absolutely awesome.

Lamar Jackson’s mom has been his business partner ever since the Ravens selected the quarterback in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft. In that time, the two have sealed deals with a number of different brands. But is Felicia Jones ready to step to the plate and negotiate with the owners of an NFL team? According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, she does have her work cut out for her.

Here’s what Rapoport recently told Pat McAfee:

“Agents a lot of times sort of act as the buffer for teams to players,” Rapoport said. “So if you’re really pissed off about some counter-offer, you scream at the agent and talk about why you’re going to put him out of business or whatever you want to say and the player generally has no idea and the relationship is good.

“Lamar is seeing the same sort of eyebrows raised from the agent community, and from players as well, because his mother is doing it,” Rapoport said. “There’s a lot of pressure. It is unbelievably difficult. The stakes are incredibly high because if you lock yourself into a bad deal you could cost yourself tens of millions of dollars. It has happened.”

Make no mistake, Lamar Jackson’s Ravens contract will be massive regardless of who his agent is. But the fact that his mom’s working at his makes this even cooler. I mean, Felicia Jones isn’t just negotiating for her son, but, presumably, for herself, too. You don’t think Lamar would give her a slice of the pie after inking a new deal? C’mon, every athlete takes care of their mom first!

I imagine Ms. Jones going into the Baltimore front office and laying it all on the line, because she knows her son’s, arguably, the most unique quarterback in the NFL. She knows he can do things other players at the position can’t do. And she has skin in the game because a) she wants to make her son as much money as possible, b) wants to get her cut as the acting agent, and c) knows she’ll be getting an even bigger payout because she’s Lamar’s mom — so it’s high stakes.

Anyone who has ever seen a soccer mom (or, in this case, a football mom) at a Pee-Wee game knows to never mess with her. That same energy will be applied by Felicia Jones when she walks into the front office of the Baltimore Ravens. That’s some serious leverage from Lamar Jackson’s side.

While Rapoport suggested other players and agents are raising some eyebrows, there’s no way in hell Jackson doesn’t get what he deserves and more. After all, if there’s one thing we know about moms, it’s that they always know best — especially when it comes to squeezing a few extra million out of a billion-dollar NFL franchise for their son.

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