Latest Report Reveals Multiple Details About A Rocky Situation Between Lamar Jackson And The Ravens

Lamar Jackson

Mark Goldman/Getty Images

The Baltimore Ravens and Lamar Jackson have been working on a long-contract for over a year and it seems they’re still very much far apart. We’re now learning more about what is becoming a messy situation.

Lamar Jackson Seeking More Guarantees

A recent report from ESPN revealed that all of Lamar Jackson’s counteroffers to the Ravens in negotiations last year “were for fully guaranteed contracts that exceeded” what the Cleveland Browns paid Deshaun Watson.

That means they were for more than $230 million guaranteed, which is what Watson received after the Browns traded for the controversial quarterback.¬†Lamar reportedly turned down a 5-year, $250 million contract in September that included $133 million guaranteed. That is way less than Watson’s deal.

Some feel such an offer is insulting to Lamar, including NFL players that recently said he deserves to make more than Aaron Rodgers.

‘Anything Is Possible’

The biggest quote from the report is Ravens source claiming that “it feels like anything is possible.”, regarding a potential Lamar Jackson trade.

The story adds that: “Multiple rival team officials reached by ESPN said the thought of relinquishing at least two first-round picks — the baseline asking price, based on the non-exclusive tag — for the right to pay Jackson between $230 million and $250 million in guaranteed money could give teams pause,”

It would be asking a lot of any team to both give two first round picks and a mega fully guaranteed contract to a quarterback that misses multiple games the past couple of seasons.

Lengthy Recovery

According to the report, the Baltimore Ravens had ‘cautious optimism’ in the week leading up to their playoff game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Lamar Jackson had injured his left knee in Week 13, but coaches and players figured he’d be back for the playoffs, per multiple team sources.

The report adds that a team source was under the impression that Jackson could have played without risking further damage to the knee, but once it became clear Jackson didn’t feel right, “How do you dispute that?” the source said. “You have to respect the player’s outlook on his own injury.”

What Does Not Signing Lamar Means

For the Ravens, not signing Lamar Jackson to a long term deal leaves them with two options: Tag him and try to force him to play on a 1-year deal. Or trade him.

Jackson leaving would mean that the Ravens would have to find a new starting quarterback in the future. Jackson has been a vital part of the team’s offense since he was drafted in 2018, and his absence would leave a significant hole to fill. The team will have to spend significant resources to acquire or develop a new quarterback to replace Jackson, which could affect their salary cap and draft strategy.