Lamar Jackson Trade Rumors Take Drastic Turn After Talks ‘Progressed Tremendously’

Lamar Jackson

Getty Image / Rob Carr

The NFL rumor mill is going crazy right now as trade talks are potentially running rampant.

That might just be the case for Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens, as apparently trade talks hit a high point during the combine.

According to Matt Lombardo, the Atlanta Falcons are seriously interested in trading for Jackson. In fact, he reports that Baltimore’s “deal talks with Atlanta progressed tremendously in Indy.”

If that’s the case, then perhaps the Ravens could end up trading Lamar Jackson. Considering reports claim that he and Baltimore are far apart on a deal, this could be the best option for this franchise.

Nothing is set in stone just yet though. The front office still has until 4 p.m. Eastern to place a franchise tag on Jackson. Doing so will buy the organization time to either negotiate a contract or find the best possible trade offer.

With that said, these latest rumors claim the Falcons may have made some considerable progress in trade talks for the superstar quarterback.

Keep an eye on this situation, as everything will become much more clear in due time. Considering Lamar Jackson is one of the league’s top quarterbacks, Atlanta is very likely not the only team reaching out to the Ravens about a potential trade.