Lamar Odom Is Losing Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars After He Fired Social Media Team And They Hijacked His Accounts

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Lamar Odom is losing out on a ton of money after firing his social media management team.

On July 19th, Odom was locked out of his social media accounts after firing his management team.


Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ … Lamar left his old management July 19 and asked them through his attorney for all the login info for his Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook pages, but still doesn’t have access.

We’re told Lamar’s old management changed all his passwords back in the day and Lamar doesn’t know any of the login information … and his former team has not released any of his accounts back to him, continuing to post as if it is him.

Odom claims he’s losing out on tens of thousands of dollars in sponsorship deals due to getting his accounts hijacked.

Our sources say Lamar has deals with companies where he’s required to post on social media, but he can’t do so right now and is losing about $8,000 per post.

We’re told Lamar has about 15 deals right now … including car, weed and clothing companies, plus restaurants, hotels and beverage lines … but he’s not able to promote them on social media. Our sources say Lamar and his new team are working with Meta Legal to gain access back to his accounts, working on reaching reps at TikTok and Twitter as well.

Odom was forced to upload a video on a different account to plead with his former management team to give him back his social media accounts.

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