Girl Tries To Pretend She’s In Hotel Room With LaMelo Ball, Gets Outed As A Fraud

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When you were 16-years-old, odds are you were locked in your basement waiting for your crush to sign onto AIM Instant Messenger. There was nothing like that open door sound coupled with the bold text of the screen name. It’s a shame the children of the next generation will never experience that joy. Point is, if you were like me when you were 16, you were a pimple-faced loser. I’m still a loser 15 years later, but my skin is clear. Hashtag winning.

LaMelo Ball’s life at 16 was a bit different than mine. LaMelo dropped out of high school to travel the country with the Junior Basketball Association’s Los Angeles Ballers. Ball found himself in a hotel room while traveling with the Ballers and appears to have invited a JBA groupie (I never thought I’d type that phrase) over for some Scrabble. Evidently, the young girl didn’t learn a lesson from the girl who snapped a photo of Julian Edelman sleeping in his hotel room. That girl is now “banned” from Boston for outing the Patriots wideout.

The girl, who goes by the name Elsie, shared a photo on Snapchat of LaMelo scrolling on his phone on a hotel room bed. Twitter user @LakeShowYo took a screen shot of the photo and posted it to his account.

That’s when things got lit.

A Twitter user did some investigative journalism and found out that the girl was never in the hotel room, but took the photo from someone else’s Instagram account for “clout.”

LaMelo eventually chimed in:

Goddamn millennials! GET OFF MY LAWN.

[h/t Total Pro Sports]

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