Lane Kiffin Has Incredible Quote About How Fat He Had Gotten, Has Lost 30 Pounds This Offseason

lane kiffin fat quote

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  • Lane Kiffin has lost a lot of weight this offseason, and one photo was the driving force behind it.
  • The Ole Miss head coach offered up an unbelievable quote about how fat he had gotten.
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Living in Oxford, Miss. is dangerous for the waistline, and Lane Kiffin learned that as soon as he arrived on the scene at Ole Miss last year. You can’t blame the man, Southern food is the best food, and there is a plethora of it in small-town Mississippi.

After indulging a bit last year, Kiffin made the decision to get into shape this offseason and has lost 30 pounds. One photo from Ole Miss’ bowl win over Indiana in January was one of the driving forces behind him wanting to lose weight, and how Kiffin described himself in the quote is an all-timer.

“I saw a picture of me at the bowl game last year and told the players I looked like an anaconda that had swallowed a deer and the deer got stuck in its neck,” Kiffin told ESPN.

Kiffin said that the players howled at the analogy he gave, because who wouldn’t?

The 46-year-old used the photo and his own efforts in losing weight as a motivator for his players. As he told his players to remain disciplined and get in great shape, he took it upon himself to lead by example.

“That goes for all of us, starting with me,” Kiffin said. “Here I am in postseason meetings back in January telling my offensive linemen and other guys that they needed to eat better, lose weight, get in better shape, and I looked like a whale.”

Ole Miss could be in for a big season under the new-look Kiffin as many have tabbed the Rebels to be a dark horse in the SEC this season.

With QB Matt Corral and a plethora of other starters returning this season, Ole Miss could have one of the most potent offenses in the nation.