UNC Football Coach Larry Fedora Says An Emphasis On Player Safety Will Be The Downfall Of America

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Over the past decade or so, the football world has slowly started to accept the fact that large men running into each other at high speeds might not be the healthiest thing in the world. The NFL might not like to acknowledge that basically every single person to play in the league will eventually suffer from CTE, but to their credit, they’ve started to take some (admittedly tiny) steps in an effort to reduce the long-term risks that come with playing football at a professional level.

Earlier this year, Brett Favre made some waves when suggested having kids start slamming into each other from an early age might be a bad idea. However, there’s at least one person who doesn’t share this stance: UNC football coach Larry Fedora, who apparently thinks an emphasis on player safety could end up leading to the downfall of America as we know it.

On Wednesday, Fedora (no relation to the hat) spoke to reporters at an ACC media day, where he initially praised the increased emphasis on player safety before immediately contradicting himself with an absolutely absurd prediction about what will happen to the United States if football leagues keep having the nerve to care about the well-being of their athletes:

“I believe the game is under attack right now. I really do. And if we’re not careful, we’re going to lose what the game is all about… I fear that the game will get pushed so far to one extreme that you won’t recognize the game 10 years from now. That’s what I worry about. And I do believe if it gets to that point, that our country goes down, too.”

Fedora also went on to question the legitimacy of studies concerning CTE because if you’re going to say stupid things you might as well go full tilt:

“I don’t think it’s been proven that the game of football causes CTE, but that’s been put out there. We don’t really know yet.”

It’s a bold strategy, Cotton. Let’s see if it pays off for him.

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