You Won’t Believe How Badly the Woman Trying to Become an NFL Kicker Did

Her highly publicized participation in an open tryout for aspiring placekickers in New Jersey yesterday ended almost as soon as it started. Simply put, she was comically bad.

Silberman kicked only twice. They were two kickoffs for a total of 30 yards. Only one crossed the midfield stripe – by a yard. After that, her day was over because she said she aggravated a quad injury she suffered in practice last week.

She also struggled to – get this – figure out how to place the ball on a tee. Apparently there was a 20-second period where she couldn’t get it to stand up.

Kelly Hnida, a former kicker for Colorado and New Mexico, was less than impressed.

“Her performance does not have to do with her gender. It has to do with her experience and her preparation,” Hnida, a former kicker for Colorado and New Mexico and the first woman to score a point in a Division 1 football game, told USA TODAY Sports by phone.

“Unfortunately, what's going to happen now is she's going to be looked at (as inferior) because she was female.

“But she was terrible.”

/Sad trombone.

[H/T: USA Today Sports]