LaVar Ball Lost A Shootout To Ice Cube So He Probably Won’t Be Beating Jordan Anytime Soon

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Much like a great white shark must always keep swimming in order to avoid dying, it is LaVar Ball’s responsibility to do everything in his power to avoid falling out of the media spotlight— a fate he undoubtedly views as worse than death. Thankfully, Ball is a master when it comes to keeping him and his family’s name in the headlines— even if it means making an ass out of himself in the process.

Ball has repeatedly said that he would beat Michael Jordan if the two played one-on-one despite an athletic track record suggesting otherwise, and if his most recent outing on the court is any indication, the matchup would give a certain upcoming boxing match a run for its money when it comes to how lopsided it would appear to be (but it probably still wouldn’t stop people from ordering the PPV).

Ball met up with Ice Cube at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday to take part in a 4-point challenge— a shot invented for the Ice Cube-founded BIG3 League. The two chucked basketballs at the rim for 90 seconds, with Cube ultimately sinking two shots to Ball’s one in a performance filled with bricks and airballs. Based on the results, a one-legged Jordan would still stand a pretty good chance.

Is it fair to judge Ball’s athletic prowess based entirely on the results of a novelty shooting contest? Probably not, but that’s not going to stop me from doing it anyway.

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