LaVar Ball Talks About ‘Co-Existing’ With LeBron James And How Rajon Rondo Is A ‘Little Backup’ For Lonzo Ball


Now that LeBron James joined the LA Lakers it doesn’t mean LaVar Ball is going to stop talking. On Tuesday, the elder Ball spoke with CNN’s Chris Cuomo about the Lakers huge offseason addition and reiterated that he’s not worried about being able to get along with the NBA’s biggest star.

“How we gotta worry about co-existing? He’s on the court and I’m off the court. (The media) did all that negativity and he still came” so that’s letting you know right there that me and LeBron will get along…. Me and LeBron got a lot in common, which is family first, winning, grinning and having a good time playing basketball. Championships.

Ball also commented on the team bringing in point guard Rajon Rondo to compete with his son for the starting job.

“That don’t mean nothing,”. “Just got another teammate. Another teammate, that’s all. A little backup, that’s good. I never worry about competition because I know my boys are better than that.”

The LA Lakers are going to be must-see reality TV next season with LeBron and LaVar Ball in the same city. Hopefully for Lakers fans the LeBron-LaVar experiment doesn’t become a huge trainwreck that affects the team’s performance on the court.

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