LaVar Ball Revealed His New Master Plan After LiAngelo Wasn’t Drafted

lavar ball

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Last night, LaVar Ball saw his world slowly crumble before him every single time someone stepped up to the podium (or passive-aggressively tweeted) to announce that the next pick in the NBA Draft would be someone not named “LiAngelo Ball”. This shouldn’t have come as much of a surprise to anyone who’s been paying any attention at all to the rumor mill over the past few weeks but it was a devastating blow to Ball’s efforts to get his Silicon Valley on and disrupt the world of basketball.

LaVar’s master plan to get all three of his sons to play together on the Lakers has been in development for years. However, it was sidelined a bit when Los Angeles watched LiAngelo workout and— in the immortal words of Randy Jackson— basically said, “That’s going to be a no for me, dawg.”

The Balls didn’t make the trek to the Barclays Center for last night’s ceremony because they had a prior commitment in the form of a JBA game, which I assume virtually no one showed up to based on their absurdly high ticket prices and predictably abysmal sales.  However, one reporter was on site to get LaVar’s thoughts after the draft had ended, and an oddly subdued Ball shared what’s next for LiAngelo.

I’m not sure if the “summer league” in question is the JBA or the G League, but if it’s the latter, it’s worth noting several people who know their shit when it comes to basketball don’t even think he can cut it there.

Are we witnessing the death of a dynasty that never really existed in the first place? I guess only time will tell.