LaVar Ball Said Lonzo Is Better Than Steph Curry Because LaVar Ball Is Delusional

by 1 year ago

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It’s hard to define the essence of LaVar Ball, but that’s not going to stop me from trying anyway.

If LaVar Ball was in an 80s ski movie, he’d be the overly cocky rich kid with a custom pair of skis who writes an infinite number of checks his body can’t cash. If LaVar Ball was a middle schooler, he’d be the kid who claimed he had a girlfriend who you can’t meet because she goes to school in another state. LaVar Ball’s favorite show is probably Mythbusters because he appears to be a huge fan of rejecting reality and substituting his own.

Ball— who has previously claimed he was a better tight end than Rob Gronkowski and boasted he would beat Michael Jordan one-on-one— added a new entry to his list of outlandish claims last night when he said his son Lonzo is a better player than Steph Curry because LaVar Ball needs to run his mouth at every opportunity like a shark needs to keep swimming to survive.

For the record, the younger Ball is currently averaging nine points per game with a .315 field goal percentage. Curry, on the other hand, has an average of 26.1 PPG and is shooting .368— from beyond the arc.

Before the season started, Ball predicted the Lakers would split their season series with the Warriors, but LA is facing an uphill battle after their overtime loss last night.

I can only hope Ball’s latest outlandish statement doesn’t result in a bunch of people flooding LeVar Burton’s mentions on Twitter.

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