Lavar Ball And Sons Arrived In Lithuania To A Ridiculously Overblown Airport Welcome

Lavar Ball Sons Lithuania Airport Welcome

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Lavar Ball and his “Big Baller” sons LiAngelo and LaMelo made their first appearance in Lithuania on Wednesday and were greeted at the airport with a hero’s welcome. Welcome to 2018, folks. Just like 2017 only with more insanity.

As many of you know, as Lavar works on starting up his own basketball league, his two youngest sons, LiAngelo and LaMelo, will forego their required one year of pretending to go to college and instead will be suiting up for Vytautas (that’s the name of the team – can’t wait to cop a jersey) in Lithuania. Who knew that “Big Ballers” played in Lithuania, huh?

After being savagely trolled by one European team coach, Lavar “successfully” landed his sons this gig where the people of Lithuania obviously have no idea what they have gotten themselves into with the Ball family. Eh, I am sure nothing could possibly go wrong.

LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball are expected to make their debuts for Vytautas next week. How much they will actually play for the team has yet to be determined, but knowing Lavar he’s probably already taken care of that.

Now then, I wonder if there will be any media coverage when the Ball brothers actually play their first game?

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