This Lawrence Taylor-J.J. Watt Mic’d Up Mashup Reminds Us Why We Love Football So Damn Much

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LT mic'd up


Bill Belichick gave his unholy blessing to J.J. Watt earlier this week, comparing the Texans defensive end to the great Lawrence Taylor. Sure, it might sound a little crazy, but it’s not that crazy. Considering the guy coached LT as defensive coordinator of the Giants, he kind of holds the most respected seat in the house when it comes to making any kind of comparisons to No. 56. And all he really did was compare their chaotic disruptiveness despite being double-teamed nearly every down.

So with the shiny green light given, people act fast and give us fun shit to watch, like this tremendous mic’d up video featuring LT and Watt.

Damn. I would could watch LT standing over Jets QB Ken O’Brien and saying “son, ya’ll gotta do better than this” all day long. The underrated highlight has to be this baffled bro reacting to Taylor cursing the hell out of an opposing player.

LT cursing.

Watt’s finisher, though, was pure gold: “I’d have a tough time talking trash if I only had 28 yards of offense.” Ouch. All J.J. needs now is a little more of LT’s merciless edge when delivering his dickish comments.

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