Lawyer For 22 Women Suing Deshaun Watson For Sexual Misconduct Reacts To Browns Saying They Did ‘Extensive’ Research Into Allegations

Deshaun Watson

  • The Browns released multiple statements on Sunday trying to justify the Deshaun Watson trade by saying they did “extensive” research into his sexual assault allegations.
  • The lawyer for the 22 women suing Deshaun Watson for sexual assault fired back at the Browns over their statement.
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Tony Buzbee, the lawyer for the 22 women suing Deshaun Watson for sexual misconduct, has reacted to the Browns’ recent statement on the case.

On Sunday, the Cleveland Browns attempted to justify their trade for Watson by stating that they did “extensive evaluations” into the allegations against the QB.

Buzbee responded to the statement by saying that no one from the Browns organization reached out to him to talk to any one of the women accusing Watson of sexual misconduct.

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