Yo Lax Bros, Check Out The Sick New Gear That Adidas Just Dropped

Over the past year or so, adidas has literally been changing the damn game for dudes everywhere, coming up with unique ways to separate themselves from the crowded pack of sports brands in the market.

From custom, one-of-a-kind kicks for football games—a first—to surprising their sponsored athletes with truckloads of shoes and three-striped gear, the company just dropped a new lacrosse line that will make lax bros everywhere stoked as hell about.

Here’s what Ryan Brown, Senior Director of adidas Lacrosse, had to say:

“adidas is committed to sports culture in the U.S. and lacrosse is the fastest growing team sport in North America. Through our design and development innovations, we’ve created a collection of lacrosse products to make the players of ‘the fastest game on two feet’ even faster.”

Adidas might single-handedly dissolve the cheap ass sports pinnies market with this move, giving athletes more comfortable and lightweight gear that will only enhance performance—and a number of top-tier NCAA programs, elite high schools and clubs around the country.

College programs like Bryant University, Bucknell University, University of Delaware, Denver University, NJIT, and Lynchburg College have all joined Team adidas lax, which includes four products that those schools will be wearing, so take a look at these.

Per standard adidas procedure, each piece of gear includes some of the trademark tech like Primeknit TECHFIT for durability and breathability, along with other features that are way too technical for me to even describe. You can take a peek at the full adidas Lacrosse line on adidas.com.

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