Breakfast Of Champions: Leah Still Gets Own Wheaties Box And It Puts A Smile On My Face



Battling cancer for the past year-plus, Leah Still—Cincinnati Bengals defender Devon Still’s five-year-old daughter—has shown to be quite the inspiration to millions.

Whether you’re a football fan or not, Leah’s story has captivated us all, bringing a ton of attention to cancer research and support as she continues to progress and overcome her struggles with the illness.

For a kid who has single-handedly made a lasting impact, Wheaties, otherwise known as the Breakfast of Champions, has honored Leah Still with her very own, personalized box, featuring Leah on the front of it.


Sending the cereal box to the Still family, Devon tweeted out the photo with the caption, “In the words out of Leah’s mouth, ‘this is so awesome.'”

Typically reserved for those who have accomplished a memorable athletic feat, I think that we can all agree that Leah Still has earned her right to be called a champion. Now excuse me as I smile the rest of the day knowing that mankind still, indeed, has a big heart.

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