Oddsmakers Reveal Which Teams Might Land LeBron And Bronny James In 2024

LeBron James and his son Bronny

Getty Image / Alex Bierens de Haan

LeBron James recently had the NBA world buzzing after contemplating retirement. However, many don’t believe he’s actually going to call it a career.

On top of that, many speculate that LeBron plans to team up with his son, Bronny, in 2024 once he’s drafted.

Nothing is for sure just yet. We still have an entire NBA season to play out before Bronny even joins the league.

Despite that, it looks like oddsmakers are already coming up with which teams could land both LeBron and Bronny James in 2024.

According to oddsmakers, the Houston Rockets and Charlotte Hornets are the two favored teams to potentially acquire LeBron and his son.

Here are the rest of the teams potentially in the running.

The most notable team on that list might be the Cleveland Cavaliers at a +1200 chance of acquiring LeBron and Bronny James.

Could you imagine that? The city of Cleveland might melt if that happens.

However, the two teams favored, the Rockets and Hornets, could actually pull it off. Especially if they opt to draft Bronny early in the 2024 NBA Draft.

I mean, Bronny James might be drafted higher than he should just for the off chance that team could also acquire LeBron as well.

That in itself might make him worthy of being a top three pick next year.

With that said, we do have to keep the NBA Lottery in mind. Although both Houston and Charlotte are favored, anything can happen for the teams entering the lottery.

We just watched the Detroit Pistons lose the projected No. 1 pick in the lottery after landing at the 5 spot.

In the end, this entire ordeal will be interesting to watch unfold. There is also the chance that LeBron doesn’t play alongside his son in 2024. He could opt to retire, or, maybe Bronny doesn’t want to play a season with his dad.

We won’t know how it unfolds until 2024. Until then, basketball fans will just have to speculate. At least now they have some betting odds available to help get a better idea of how it might play out.