LeBron James Brought A Pair Of Goats To A Party Despite Debate Raging About Whether He’s Actually Better Than MJ

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James

Getty Image / Harry How

LeBron James accomplished something incredible this week.

He passed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the NBA’s all-time scoring list.

It was a moment that was celebrated by individuals around the sports world.

For some, especially LeBron’s fans, it was a moment that should weigh heavily on the debate over whether him or Michael Jordan should be viewed as the greatest player in the league’s history.

Last night, James even made an entrance to a party of his with a pair of goats.

According to TMZ, the goats reportedly stuck around for about 15 minutes before leaving the party.

It was a clear reference to LeBron’s opinion that he is the NBA’s GOAT.

The issue is that nothing that happened this week should really have all that much of a debate.

The record that LeBron broke this week is another longevity record. LeBron has been able to perform at an impressively high level for a long time. However, scoring the most points in league history doesn’t make him the greatest scorer ever.

That title would be more fitting for Jordan, who averaged more points per game over the course of his career than anybody else in the league’s history at an incredible 30.1 per game. That’s a list where LeBron finds himself in 5th.

There is also the issue of James trying to make the claim himself that he is the GOAT.

After breaking Kareem’s record he even told Shaq that he feels like he’s the best to ever play the game.

It looks like LeBron is convinced of where he stands in the NBA hierarchy, but there is still plenty of debate over whether he is actually number 1 or 2.