LeBron James Comes To The Defense Of Chase Young, Rips The NCAA And Clearly Knows All The Details Of The Story

lebron james chase young

Getty Image / Kevin C. Cox

Chase Young’s suspension has dominated the headlines during Week 11 of college football and will likely continue to be a major story for weeks to come and now Ohio State superfan LeBron James has weighed in.

While the situation is very much still ongoing and the details are, for the most part, very unclear James seems to think he knows exactly what’s going on.

Friday’s initial reports and Young himself confirmed that he would miss Ohio State’s game against Maryland on Saturday after he admitted to accepting a loan from a family friend but paying it back in full last summer. Later it was reported that that ‘family friend’ may actually be an NFL agent.

More details emerged in a report from The Athletic that the loan dates back to last December to fly his girlfriend to California for the Rose Bowl. Last, but not least, ESPN is now expecting a four-game suspension to come from the NCAA, but the Buckeyes will appeal.

The entire situation certainly smells of the NCAA yet again punishing a student-athlete for doing something both completely normal and legal for regular college kids if, in fact, the girlfriend angle of the story comes to be the truth.

As far as James’ take, he’s certainly not wrong in ripping the NCAA saying it doesn’t care about the kids at all, any college sports fan knows that to be the case more often than not, but with Young’s story completely up in the air at this point his tweet about the girlfriend situation may not age well.

The fact that this story randomly came about just now after the loan was reportedly accepted nearly a year ago makes things feel a bit off, but only time will tell.

If Young is handed a four-game suspension and it holds, if it includes the missed game against Maryland then he won’t be available until the Buckeyes’ potential Big Ten title game.

Young was a legitimate Heisman Trophy candidate up to this point of the year, but this suspension takes that dream off of the table.


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