Twitter Had Fun With LeBron James Ignoring Isaiah Thomas After His Game-Winning Buzzer Beater

by 1 year ago

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LeBron James drilled a fadeaway jumper at the buzzer last night to edge out the Timberwolves in overtime in what may have been the most exciting game of the season thus far. The two teams hit an NBA record 40 three-pointers and changed leads 34 times. James finished with a mind-numbing 37 points, 15 assists and 10 rebounds in 48 minutes to deliver his Cavs a much needed morale win and bump them up to third in the East, behind Boston and Toronto.

The win provided Cleveland with a much needed break from the incessant drama surrounding the team, namely with point guard Isaiah Thomas. Thomas production this year has paled in comparison to his output last year with Boston: 14.7 ppg this year to 28.9 ppg last year. Granted, Thomas has only played 15 games since returning from a hip injury, but the meddling Cavs need a scapegoat. The city has turned against Thomas to the point where the organization had to disable comments on his ‘Happy Birthday’ post.

Even after last night’s win, Thomas found himself in the wake of some light-hearted drama when fans chose to believe LeBron snubbed him while celebrating his game winner.

Twitter ran with it, as Twitter does.

Cold. Ice cold.


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