LeBron James Jr. Has Crazy Skills On The Basketball Court, Drains A Half-Court Shot Just Like Dad

by 1 year ago
LeBron James Jr. Half-Court Shot


LeBron James Jr. has the biggest basketball shoes to fill since Michael Jordan’s son Marcus went to play ball for the University of Central Florida Golden Knights. If he was smart, LeBron James Jr. would stay as far away from competitive basketball as possible because there’s no shot in hell he ever lives up to a fraction of his father’s legacy, but that doesn’t appear to be the path lil Bronny is taken.

Over the weekend, LeBron shared this Instagram video of his son draining a half-court shot in Cleveland and it’s since been viewed over 3.1 million times:

Someone needs to tell this kid that he’s already setting the bar too high for himself. Once he starts pulling off incredible feats of athletic skill then the people around him are going to expect more and more. If he wants to just go through life, attend an incredible college, and go on to be a wildly successful businessman using his father’s connections then he needs to stay far away from the court. But if he’s looking forward to a life of always being compared to the greatest living basketball player AND always coming up short in those comparisons he should keep on shooting those half-court shots.

With that said, I cannot imagine a cooler outcome for the sport of basketball than this kid to grow up and be incredible on the court. That would be amazing, and might actually get me caring about the NBA again.

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