The LeBron Mural In LA Has Vanished After A Vandal Totally Destroyed It With Paint

sad lebron james

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When you consider LeBron James is one of the most dominant basketball players of all time you’d think that basically every fan in the NBA would be glad to have him on their team. There was much rejoicing in Los Angeles when The King decided to take his talents to the West Coast but it appears not everyone in the city is happy about it.

Just days after LeBron announced yet another in a long line of Decisions, a diehard Kobe Bryant fan flipped out after someone put James’ face over a mural of the former Laker. However, he had nothing on the guy who decided to claim a $300 bounty by vandalizing a mural of LeBron in a Lakers jersey that was painted in Venice almost immediately after the paint dried.

The artist responsible the mural quickly covered up the graffiti and returned the portrait to its original state. However, something tells me he’s going to have a bit more trouble fixing things after another vandal decided to take things to the next level by covering the entire wall in white paint.

While I don’t want to laud any praise on the person who decided to destroy the artist’s hard work I have to say I respect the amount of extreme pettiness on display here.

I assume the culprit here is just another Kobe stan but there’s also a chance it was just someone who was mad LeBron decided to chill in his pool instead of going to the pizza party he hinted he’d be showing up at. Either way, I think it’s safe to say this is the end of this saga.

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