LeBron James’ Off Day Routine Is Pretty Intense, Does NOT Include Fapping



Through three games of the NBA Finals LeBron James is putting up insane numbers and playing insane minutes. Why? Because without him, the Cleveland Cavaliers would get straight-up destroyed.

All of that hard work takes a toll on even the most finely tuned of human bodies. So James doesn’t mess around when it comes to recovery.

SportsCenter shared the detailed routine this morning, proving “off” day is somewhat of a misnomer.

Almost immediately, a clearly photoshopped version of this breakdown emerged from a dark corner of the internet.


See what they did there? Many do not and are sharing this fake as if ESPN actually broadcast it. If that’s you, sorry to ruin your good time.

To be fair, there is a chance fapping is a part of James’ recovery process. He is a man after all. A man under a tremendous amount of stress.